Monday, 11 February 2008

Think of others... Do Not Be too Over Confident of What You Said..

Well, i'm not gonna mention any names, i just gonna say it directly.. If you bring someone to a place, ask them whether are they ok or comfortable to go to that place or not before bringing them to the place, and don't make decision for anyone without their knowledge or ask them first before making any decisions.. Secondly, think of how others feel. And also, do not be so over confident about yourself, I mean you said you will earn a lot of money by the age of 30, i mean how do you know if you really can earn a lot of money by the age of 30? I mean it's good to dream big and aim big, but then it's not if you sell off your gold to a stranger letting him off with it saying that he will pay you back the money tomorrow.. What if he didn't return with the money? What are you gonna?What are you gonna do if you fail to earn a lot of money by the age of 30? If you get what i mean. It's common sense, you don't even know the future how do you know you're gonna earn big by the age of 30? It's good to aim for big money but don't be too over confident about it as you do not know whether you're gonna succeed or not... So, what ever you do, think first before you react...

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