Tuesday, 16 June 2009

St Joseph Catheral 1960's

Can you imagine a building like this actually exist in Kuching?

I wonder why they wanna demolish it and build a new one;

Monday, 1 June 2009

Is it true that women can hear better than men?

Here are the answers from WikiAnswers:

The answer may have to do more with the psychological fact that women need to be more alert to their senses when taking care of an infant, than the actual physiological difference. They have the same hearing apparatus as men, but they focus on it more during child rearing.

The other factor that can be considered is that the corpus callosum of women are 23 percent larger than in men. So that means that the left and right hemispheres communicate more effectively, and this can be a factor in interpreting the sounds babies make, because baby sounds are processed in the right hemisphere.

So, maybe it is not so much that they can physically hear better, but that their brains are designed by nature to pay particular attention to selected sounds, and that may be considred that they can hear better than men.

Day Out For Photos!!!

After 168 of snapshots, only 2 out of all which actually satisfied me! The two Hibiscus ones.. :( .......
Anyway here are some of it: All the ugly ones i delete liao!

Here are the ones I'm most satisfied with:

The "Ok Ok" ones:

Camera Make: Sony Ericsson K550i.
Some of the photos of me taken by kenny with he's new Nikon D90... It's really nice and i like it a lot... Thanks kenny...

There are a few closed up photos taken with Ally's camera by the way... But then i didn't manage to get some from her...

Anyway here are somemore pics from Kenny's Nikon D90...