Sunday, 24 January 2010

Nice Plate Numbers

I do not own these pictures by the way.. I took it from some blog...
Anyway here are the pictures:




puii !!!

i think this myvi belongs to a chinese..


i like this one: CCC777

I like this one the most: L7



Tahi !!!

Another Penis hahha.. I wonder why this number same as the Perdana above.. Maybe owner transfered the number to this car or something......

V2 ?? Nothing special but still nice number.

What the fuck (WTF)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Streamyx & Celcom Broadband Speed Test

This is the comparison between Streamyx and Celcom Broadband download speed test, both 512kbps download speed but thisis what i found out about Celcom Broadband's speciality..


Yes!... RM68 per month (512kbps package) which offers more than 512kbps download speed. The highest it ever go is up to 1.30mbps!!! But upload speed is rather poor..


This is so far the fastest it ever went.. But upload speed is a lot better than Celcom Broadband ...

Download files like music and programmes, it only goes up to 50 to 60kbps for streamyx while Celcom Broadband goes up to 100kbps.. But only for a few seconds and it goes back down to 50 to 60kbps...

Despite the attractive download speed, browsing the internet with Celcom Broadband suck!! I have to wait for the page to load all the time while Streamyx can just click and it's out less than 2 seconds...

Celcom Broadband also tend to be slow during the evening.. When it rains, habislah... Cannot move at all..

Friday, 1 January 2010

My Mercedes E200, 200TD Estate & E500 (W124)

No la not real car la.... Just my mercedes collection in GTA San Andreas... I have 3 of them, the ordinary sedan, estate and the high powered E500 version as well...

Here is a E500 in a drifting practice

And the Brabus E500....