Monday, 31 December 2007

Ghost In KPS!!

It's about time i blog about what i saw in PLKN... Ghost! Yes, i saw real ghost!!! I woke up in the middle of the night, like around 2 to 3am, i saw some human figure walking about on my side view:

Of course the picture above is not the real thing, i just edit the photo i took in my dorm using windows Paint to draw a black oval to show y'all where it was standing and move about... There's a dayak guy who sleep opposite me always had leg cramps and usually he'll scream when it started to cramp.. The first time when i saw "IT", i saw it turning over it's head looking at the dayak guy screaming in pain... That time i was REALLY horrified till i had cover my whole body with my blanket.. Then the 2nd time i saw it walking out of the dorm at the other end of the dorm without hearing any doors open (because usually when people open the door, it makes squicky sounds), and usually when we all sleep, we shut the doors to prevent mosquitoes from getting into the dorm.. Some of my friends say maybe i was dreaming or something, but then it was too real to be a dream as i pinch myself and it really hurts.. Plus, those "things" looks human (of course) and it looks male to me and it couldn't be on of the boys from the dorm as it was wearing grayish black shirt with black trousers and long hair.. The minute i turn my eyes to focus on what was moving, it vanished! Creepy huh? =D

And then the last time i saw it run passing my place to the front door of my dorm without hearing the door open... It was like someone running pass your place without the feeling of wind..

Every time when I'm alone there, (when they are all in the TV room and etc), i felt like I'm not alone in the dorm, it always feels like there's someone present in the room or somethin'.. Like someone is following me behind or wat...
I heard that the camp previously is a Chinese cemetery.. Then it was moved next to the camp.. Out side of course...

List Of The Finest Car In My Crib

Number 1, the cleanest, non scratch and everything goes to:
Big bro's car:

No scratches, shiny almost everyday, still have the brand new car smell
Second place goes to:
Mom's car:

This car got the 2nd place coz it has scratches on the boot and it's front bodykit and side driver door is slightly damage due to the carelessness of my 2nd bro..
Third place:
Dad's car:

It's an old car so it couldn't compare to the other newer cars... Bad odour inside and faded paint.. But this car has the best comfort among others
Last place:
Dad's Pajero:

This is also an old car.. It's interior is ok but the exterior puts it on the last spot because there's a lot of paint peeled off, and the radio and the hazard light doesn't work...
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Sunday, 30 December 2007

What I Did / Happened To Me Throughout 2007

Ok let me list down:

1. Passed my SPM without flying colours
2. Had a big rest for 7 months
3. Mom bought a new car
4. Finally have streamyx
5. Got rejected from form 6
6. My beloved grandma passed away
7. Cried in public for the 1st time
8. Got selected to be a cabin crew (although i rejected it due to offer problems)
9. Saw something supernatural in my house
10. Had a huge fight with Jaclyn till she ended our friendship.
11. Got rejected from getting into the first batch of National service
12. Got rejected from getting into the second batch of National service
13. Got selected for third batch of National Service
14. Met a whole bunch of new friends from serian, sematan, lundu, kelantan, KL and so much more....
15. Saw ghost in my dorm for 3 times (I'll blog about it separately)
16. Got selected to be a model for some photoshot to be posted in National Service Poster.
17. My friends in camp were jealous of me for getting selected to be a model
18. Touch, hold and shot a real M16 for the first time in my life. (Real Bullets)
19. Dared myself to go poo in the middle of the night in that haunted camp by myself
20. Got rejected to be a cabin crew for air asia (due to my dark skin and NS haircut coz i was still undergoing NS that time)
21. Saw the sky filled with stars and the milky way for the first time in my life!
22. Cried for the second time in public when my semenanjung friends are leaving
23. Finally ended national service and go home alive succesfully
24. Got a new puppy.. A bischon
25. Drove my dad's Pajero without knowing it's fuel were empty and got stuck in the middle of no where with my cell expired.
26. Bought myself a new PC
27. Started college in Segi
28. Flunk my law test
29. Recorded my own version of Somewhere Out There
30. Met a whole bunch of new friends
31. Upgraded my PC
32. Reunite with Jaclyn
33. Joined gov choir
I think that's what I remembered... There's a lot more i guess
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Tryin' To Fit In (Thinking back of how i was treated and neglect)

Always tried to fit into the "smart people" group but never succeed.. And i tried to fit into the average group, never succeed as well, and tried to fit in the "low class" group, failed as well.. Been hurt a lot of times and when i think of what i did before that makes them change their point of view on me makes me feel that i can't be fitted in just because of what I've done before... But i think it's not what I've done that destroyed my image, it's what the teachers think about me..
I remembered my science teacher hated me a lot and let the bullies push me around in class when in primary school.. I still remembered the pain of getting pushed around, it's not how they hit me that's painful, it's how they treated me that hurts me deep inside.. I remembered my science teacher looking at me laughing while getting bullied by one of her favorite student in class.. Actually i had a terrible childhood, I've been neglect when i was primary 1 and 2 in a tuition behind my grandma's house almost every afternoon, i remembered my teacher used to twist my ear each and everyday when i couldn't spell the word out, or sometimes i get treated with a 100 times stroke (each hand 50 strokes of rattan) till my hand bleed.. Then usually i cried when it's time to go to tuition because it was like sending me to hell.. Then my mom didn't know i often get neglect by the teacher till the day she bleeds me... After a month, i never went back there anymore...
Then there's another tuition center which toucher me a lot, but of course not as bad as the one behind my grandma's house, i remembered that my teacher took a scissors and cut my golden necklace and pretended to teach me how to read the chinese word.. Thank god she failed to do so... All these useless tuition made me fail my UPSR and made me go through transition and wasted 1 year..
I think next time i won't let my children go to tuitions like these, i don't wanna destroy their childhood... I think if i had a proper childhood like everyone else, I will be someone more than i am now...

Friday, 28 December 2007

Old Friends

As we all know friends come and go, some might stay, some might go, some might come back and some might stick with you for eternity, and some might treat you as a stranger after a decade or two, like when i saw my primary school friend, they just ignored my smile and walked pass me in the public like as if they never knew me. Hey, I'm not the same old nasty person like i used to be in primary school. Not only that, some don't even wanna add me in friendster, i was so happy to find their profiles and added them and they just decline my friends request.. Don't they know how hard it feels to be rejected? Anyway, why do i bother posting about this anyway? If they don't wish to be friends anymore, then fine!! Go away... Go far far away!!! Friends like this are useless.. Nobody needs them anyway

Thursday, 27 December 2007

What i got for Christmas!!

1.I got a Adidas black shirt from dad (picture unavailable)
-Got it from my aunt...
-Got it from my Filipino aunt...
-Got it from my aunt...
-Got it from my cousin

Monday, 17 December 2007


Dad's buying a new laptop while big bro's comp meletup and he upgraded it to core 2 duo with 2gb of ram... He just change the inside of his computer anyway... Outside and everything is still the same... So the exterior looks old and dated BUT the specs are awesome... And he's old ram he's gonna gimme so I'll have 512mb of ram... Well it's not much but at least it's better than nothing... And dad's buying a HP core 2 duo laptop as well... added 2gb of ram and heard that it's graphic is superb... But then all these isn't mine :( how sad!!!! So i only use a pentium 4 pc with the slowest specs at home :(

Friday, 14 December 2007

When People Say Gambateh!

i dunno why i hate when people say "gambateh".. It's sounds s2pid and it also sounds like some sort of name for herbal tea or something... I noticed only people often watch anime will say that word... It really sounds horrible to me. Sorry for those japanese who read this blog.. I just hate malaysians using that word... I think it don't even fit in our society... So.... yucks...

Started Choir Lessons Today

I have to say that Ms Venus is a better vocal teacher than Mdm Yap, my new choir teacher a.k.a vocal teacher.. Because i was thought to do lip trill, breathing exercise and etc before in IMH before singing, but then they did not do that when they start the vocal class... But overall it was ok... Yet we are paid RM15 bucks every training... So it's a good thing to do while enjoy singing..
And then i said something embarrassing in front of everyone, i shouldn't have said that i had vocal experienced for 3 years in front of everyone, and i shouldn't have said i live in the same area and studied the same course and etc with jesper and etc which made others think that I'm very proud of myself... really embarrassing... sighs...