Monday, 31 December 2007

Ghost In KPS!!

It's about time i blog about what i saw in PLKN... Ghost! Yes, i saw real ghost!!! I woke up in the middle of the night, like around 2 to 3am, i saw some human figure walking about on my side view:

Of course the picture above is not the real thing, i just edit the photo i took in my dorm using windows Paint to draw a black oval to show y'all where it was standing and move about... There's a dayak guy who sleep opposite me always had leg cramps and usually he'll scream when it started to cramp.. The first time when i saw "IT", i saw it turning over it's head looking at the dayak guy screaming in pain... That time i was REALLY horrified till i had cover my whole body with my blanket.. Then the 2nd time i saw it walking out of the dorm at the other end of the dorm without hearing any doors open (because usually when people open the door, it makes squicky sounds), and usually when we all sleep, we shut the doors to prevent mosquitoes from getting into the dorm.. Some of my friends say maybe i was dreaming or something, but then it was too real to be a dream as i pinch myself and it really hurts.. Plus, those "things" looks human (of course) and it looks male to me and it couldn't be on of the boys from the dorm as it was wearing grayish black shirt with black trousers and long hair.. The minute i turn my eyes to focus on what was moving, it vanished! Creepy huh? =D

And then the last time i saw it run passing my place to the front door of my dorm without hearing the door open... It was like someone running pass your place without the feeling of wind..

Every time when I'm alone there, (when they are all in the TV room and etc), i felt like I'm not alone in the dorm, it always feels like there's someone present in the room or somethin'.. Like someone is following me behind or wat...
I heard that the camp previously is a Chinese cemetery.. Then it was moved next to the camp.. Out side of course...

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