Sunday, 30 December 2007

What I Did / Happened To Me Throughout 2007

Ok let me list down:

1. Passed my SPM without flying colours
2. Had a big rest for 7 months
3. Mom bought a new car
4. Finally have streamyx
5. Got rejected from form 6
6. My beloved grandma passed away
7. Cried in public for the 1st time
8. Got selected to be a cabin crew (although i rejected it due to offer problems)
9. Saw something supernatural in my house
10. Had a huge fight with Jaclyn till she ended our friendship.
11. Got rejected from getting into the first batch of National service
12. Got rejected from getting into the second batch of National service
13. Got selected for third batch of National Service
14. Met a whole bunch of new friends from serian, sematan, lundu, kelantan, KL and so much more....
15. Saw ghost in my dorm for 3 times (I'll blog about it separately)
16. Got selected to be a model for some photoshot to be posted in National Service Poster.
17. My friends in camp were jealous of me for getting selected to be a model
18. Touch, hold and shot a real M16 for the first time in my life. (Real Bullets)
19. Dared myself to go poo in the middle of the night in that haunted camp by myself
20. Got rejected to be a cabin crew for air asia (due to my dark skin and NS haircut coz i was still undergoing NS that time)
21. Saw the sky filled with stars and the milky way for the first time in my life!
22. Cried for the second time in public when my semenanjung friends are leaving
23. Finally ended national service and go home alive succesfully
24. Got a new puppy.. A bischon
25. Drove my dad's Pajero without knowing it's fuel were empty and got stuck in the middle of no where with my cell expired.
26. Bought myself a new PC
27. Started college in Segi
28. Flunk my law test
29. Recorded my own version of Somewhere Out There
30. Met a whole bunch of new friends
31. Upgraded my PC
32. Reunite with Jaclyn
33. Joined gov choir
I think that's what I remembered... There's a lot more i guess
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