Saturday, 27 October 2007

My List Of Favourite Songs...

Sometimes i just can't stand listening to my favorite music alone... I just want to share it with everyone badly.. Sometimes i even post a question in Yahoo Answers and put the link to the music video in youtube just to let people know the song... That's what i did to Juwita Suwito's All This Time.. I just love it so much till i post it in the net to share with people all over the globe.. Call me mad but I know I'm not haha... Anyway the first answer from a guy said he had no intension of listening to the music because he knows it's gonna suck, but he likes the word "y'all" which i used in my question, and the 2nd one hates it as well... But after that, the rest of the answerers loves it... So it's like a whole bunch of people against 2 person.. So I think my taste of music is okay haha...
Rain - Madonna
This is my old time favorite from Madonna, heard it when i was 5 years old (year 1993)and i still remember my eldest bro had the cassette and he played it out loud when my parent's aren't around...

Lagenda - Sheila Majid
Here's another one from the early 90s. It's called Lagenda from Sheila Majid. I heard it from the radio when i was in my room doing some homework with the radio on..

All This Time - Juwita Suwito
And this is my favourite Malaysian singer, Juwita Suwito with her new single, All This Time.

Walk Away - Juwita Suwito
And another one from Juwita Suwito, this is called Walk Away.. This is my favourite Pop/rock music from her...

Yu Dao - Fang Ya Xian
And this is my favourite chinese song.. It's from a Taiwanese singer called Fang Ya Xian.. She's not that famous but her song from the Taiwanese Series called It Started With A Kiss titled Yu Dao is very nice indeed... The melody is just so relaxing every time i listen to it...

Teman Sejati - Juwita Suwito
Ok i just had to admit that I like juwita's song a lot... This is her malay song, i love it coz it's very relaxing when you listen to it.... It just makes you feel: Ahhhhh

Every time we Touch (Candlelight Remix Version)- Cascada
I heard this from my friends phone while in camp and fell in love with it instantly..

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - Disney All Stars
I heard this song from the Disney Channel while watching The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody during commercial break.. It's based on the cinderella cartoon. But this is kinda like the "Remix" version...

And the X'mas version

Somewhere Out There by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram
Loved this song ever since i heard it when i was very small... It's just so soothing till my stress is banished every time i listen to it...

My New Target

Yup... It's the new Nokia 6500 Classic... I like it is because it's sleek and flat design is very classy... Anyway i always thought it doesn't have 3G technology coz there's no camera in front of the phone. But who knows? It DOES have... But then 1 thing i'm not really happy about the new Nokia 6500 Classic is the camera.. It only features a 2mp camera... What i expect is around 3mp and above... 2mp is kinda low... But then, like they say, nothing is perfect in this world.... Other than that like the 1GB built in memory and the gold coloured casing is superb man!!!... Gotta start saving money for that phone.. Kinda crazzy about it now.. By the way, i never bought myself a brand new phone... So maybe I'm considering of buying Nokia 6500 Classic when i have enough money from my college allowance..

Flunk My Table Test!!! Shit!!!

I flunk my table test/law test this morning which i only score 35/50 which i have to get 42 and above to pass the test.... I was so confident on the test and was ready for it until i press the result button.... I was so mad at myself till i wanna hit my head on the wall.. Now I'm gonna have to sit for it again wasting another 35 bucks for it... Hopefully i will pass the freaking test for goodness sake... I wonder why i always can't get what i want when i really need it... It's kinda unfair actually, because a lot of people get what they want easily... Unlike me, when i want something, it just fly away like that... And those unwanted things keeps on coming to me every time... Like my mom told me, if i fail the table test again she wont let me sit for the table test again... That time i was about to quarrel with her when she said that coz I've been waiting to have a "P" license for years... And now i finally get to learn driving and now she just makes me disappointed like what she did before... LIKE WHAT SHE ALWAYS DID actually.... Giving her kids disappointment all the time... Well I'm not gonna stop sitting for the table test coz i already PAID for it... Just really hates it when people come into my way and destroy everything i planned properly for years.. Just really suckish!!!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Embarrassing video of a Britney Fan crying defending for Britney

It's kinda funny though, saw this video on MTV TRL the day before Britney launch her latest single "Gimme More"... Look at this bitch/bastard, she's/his really crying!!! That's a fucking true Britney fan!!! LOL... Ok here's the video and it's titled: Leave Britney Alone!!!

By the way, his a guy!! His transsexual... And his 19 years old...

Here's another video of him or her yelling in front of the camera to those who hated him/her.. It's called: Eat My Cornholes!!!

And someone tried to make a fool of them self by recording another video (pretending to be Britney) defending for this bitch (Chris Cocker)... Kinda funny though... It's called: LEAVE CHRIS CROCKER ALONE! Britney Spears Responds

ROFL!!! This fat pappy with a blond wig just makes it better and better.. Like it when he cry till he coughed with the background blanket drops off... Just so freakin' funny HAHA!!! I wonder these people who filmed themself on youtube making themself look stupid, i just wondering do they feel any "feeling of embarrassment" when they go out to the public where people will recognize them and say: hey look!!! It's that idiot who cried in the video defending britney spears!!! I mean, common, it's embarrassing!!!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Finally i have my own computer....

Finally... Although the appearance suck, but who cares? It cost me RM300 for a Pentium 4 PC, 256mb of ram and 1.7ghz and it comes with monitor, mouse and keyboard... But no speakers... Anyway i wanna hook it up with my Micro Hi-Fi but it doesn't have any inputs, so hooked it up with my late uncle's amplifier (which he gave us) and connected it to my Micro Hi-Fi speaker... And it sounds great...

This is the left speaker followed by the right speaker after the picture below.. Couldn't put it on the table coz the speaker is not magnetically shielded as it with affect the colour of my CRT monitor... So i had to put it on the floor...

Then i wasn't really happy about the mouse because it's ball type so i bought a cute cute mouse from 100% discount store:
This blue one is spoiled

The right click is not working, so i went back and change a new one with different colour and style,

And the original CD-ROM couldn't support DVD so i ask my dad to bring home his old PC's LG DVD-ROM which his not using right now... And i install it into my PC...

Then i use wireless internet receiver and connect to my bro's wi-fi modem as he is no longer using the wireless... His using the plug type... There's a name for that type of connection but i forgot what is it called.