Saturday, 27 October 2007

My New Target

Yup... It's the new Nokia 6500 Classic... I like it is because it's sleek and flat design is very classy... Anyway i always thought it doesn't have 3G technology coz there's no camera in front of the phone. But who knows? It DOES have... But then 1 thing i'm not really happy about the new Nokia 6500 Classic is the camera.. It only features a 2mp camera... What i expect is around 3mp and above... 2mp is kinda low... But then, like they say, nothing is perfect in this world.... Other than that like the 1GB built in memory and the gold coloured casing is superb man!!!... Gotta start saving money for that phone.. Kinda crazzy about it now.. By the way, i never bought myself a brand new phone... So maybe I'm considering of buying Nokia 6500 Classic when i have enough money from my college allowance..

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