Thursday, 29 May 2008

What does it mean?

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I've been facing this problem for the pass few days when I tried to install my GTA San Andreas. Before, it worked perfectly and 1 day i just had to reformat my pc as it was getting slower.. Then i was thinking of playing this game again and i tried to install it and this appeared... I wonder what's wrong with it... Can anyone tell me please?

Sunday, 18 May 2008


好… 我知道很多"Sarawakians"知道关于这" 红色数字" 从杀害…的印度尼西亚叫 是从做一些不可思议杀害马来西亚人接到电话并且回复电话。的那些印度尼西亚人的一个电话。 昨晚,当我与Jeng谈论红色电话的Huat聊天thingy时,它突然中断,并且电大约比第二回来了在,然后我认为它是没什么,因此我的个人计算机被关 闭在"期间; 少于1 second" 电源故障和它重新了开始它自已,因此我在我的事进行… 然后它再发生… 这次更多比第二… 然后它再回来了… 好让有点,我在我的个人计算机安装景色题材30分钟前在10:52上午和突然我的电话圆环,然后我认为它是我的妈妈或别人我知道i告诉我,然后它在我屏幕 (空白)叫陈述了… 由于它通常显示访问者who' 叫的s您,但是这一个是从一个空白的访问者,然后我认为,因为我的电话无法显示色的数字,然后它必须是红色数字who' 告诉的s我。 然后我极度有点儿兴奋,我拿着在我的手棕榈的电话,并且我震动,然后我让它在那以后敲响,少于10秒,它停止了… 然后Juliana轻推我msn的,因此我正在寻找某人舒适的,因此我询问了她关于此,然后她要求我不回答它。 然后我真正地被惊吓了,并且我说一个小的祷告和希望没什么将发生在我身上…
Ok la go ahead and laugh at my mandarin skills hahhahahaha!!!!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

The Red Number That Kills

Ok... I know a lot of Sarawakians knew about this "Red Number" calls from indon which kills... It's a call from those indonesians who did some black magic to kill malaysians who received the call and answered the call..
Last night while i was chatting with Jeng Huat talking about the red call thingy, it suddenly black out and the electric came back in about less than a second, then i thought it was nothing, so my pc shut down during the "less than 1 second" power failure and it restarted it self so i proceed on my things... Then it happen again... This time more than a second... Then it came back again...
Ok lets get to the point, i was installing Vista Themes on my PC 30 minutes ago at 10:52am and suddenly my phone ring, then i thought it was my mom or someone else i knew i calling me, then it stated in my screen (blank) calling... Because usually it displays the caller who's calling you but this one is from a blank caller, then i was thinking, since my phone is unable to display coloured number, then it must be the red number who's calling me.. Then i was kinda freaked out, i hold the phone on the palm of my hand and i was shaking, then i just let it ring, after that, less than 10 seconds, it stopped... Then Juliana nudge me on msn so i was looking for someone for comfort so i asked her about this, then she asked me not to answer it. Then i was really scared and i say a little prayer and hoped nothing will happen to me... By the way, here's some of the photos...

And the time of call:
To my fellow friends, if you receive any weird number calls, do not answer them.. Whether it's true or not true, better don't do it.... I've received mine but luckily i did not answer them.... Gotta praised the lord for protecting me.... Halelujah

Saturday, 10 May 2008

About the charity concert last week May 03, 2008

Anyway, i went to this charity concert behind the colours and there was some performances by Chen Shi An, Luo Yi Shi, Zhen Guo Hui and Guang Liang... Got the tickets for free from my 2nd bro as his company was promoting and selling the tickets and there was some left overs and they gave 5 of it to my bro.. Then, he gave the 5 tickets to me.. I asked Kenny, Ally, Jesper to go with me but in the end only me, kenny and stephanie teng went to the concert because Ally was having her vacation at Sematan and Jesper need to go to monastory... I was expecting the place to be packed and jam but who knows, there's plenty of parking space and plenty of seats... Kinda pity those celebs cause this makes them feel "NOT" famous enough because there's not much went to the concert... Maybe it's because of the person who promote the concert..
Anyway here are some photos taken by Kenny while in the concert... I grabbed the photo from he's blog...