Friday, 16 May 2008

The Red Number That Kills

Ok... I know a lot of Sarawakians knew about this "Red Number" calls from indon which kills... It's a call from those indonesians who did some black magic to kill malaysians who received the call and answered the call..
Last night while i was chatting with Jeng Huat talking about the red call thingy, it suddenly black out and the electric came back in about less than a second, then i thought it was nothing, so my pc shut down during the "less than 1 second" power failure and it restarted it self so i proceed on my things... Then it happen again... This time more than a second... Then it came back again...
Ok lets get to the point, i was installing Vista Themes on my PC 30 minutes ago at 10:52am and suddenly my phone ring, then i thought it was my mom or someone else i knew i calling me, then it stated in my screen (blank) calling... Because usually it displays the caller who's calling you but this one is from a blank caller, then i was thinking, since my phone is unable to display coloured number, then it must be the red number who's calling me.. Then i was kinda freaked out, i hold the phone on the palm of my hand and i was shaking, then i just let it ring, after that, less than 10 seconds, it stopped... Then Juliana nudge me on msn so i was looking for someone for comfort so i asked her about this, then she asked me not to answer it. Then i was really scared and i say a little prayer and hoped nothing will happen to me... By the way, here's some of the photos...

And the time of call:
To my fellow friends, if you receive any weird number calls, do not answer them.. Whether it's true or not true, better don't do it.... I've received mine but luckily i did not answer them.... Gotta praised the lord for protecting me.... Halelujah

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