Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Gonna Be Away For 3 Months

Well, as for some of you, i bet you guys know where am i going... I'll be going to National Service this coming Saturday which is on the 23rd of june... Been selected to Sematan Camp.. Heard that its very wonderful there... Don't care how hectic will it be but i just wanna go and complete my national service for good... I heard the scenery is beautiful, well i been there and it's really beautiful..... Can't wait to see how wonderful it is... Yet i heard the sky there is filled with stars at night!! Can't wait to see that too!!! Huhu.. Well i gotta buy some stuff tomorrow for the training as well!! Gotta bring a bucket too!!! Sighs!!! Well that's the advice from Kenny... Wonder is it necessary to bring bucket or not... Anyway i think i read somewhere that we must bring a bucket to wash our clothes... Haih i wonder if i still have the knowledge of washing clothes... Haven't washed a single cloth for years!! Well That doesn't fears me at all... what feared me is the Chinese ghost festival, and the office girl for not showing up on the day i arrive there... Because its so far away from my house and just imagine when you arrive there and the person you're gonna meet is not there... How crappy will that be?
Well hehe i think i gotta go now... Haven't had my dinner yet... Tula!!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Can't get that Bitch Off my head!!!

AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Still thinking of that fucking bitch again!!!!!!!! It really makes me mad when i think of her.... Dunno how long this is gonna last... I really really need to delete her from my mind... Delete everything bout her off my mind... If i can take all those memories about her in the palm of my hands, i will crash and spit on it, after that, I will burn it to hell!!!!
I wish my life is just like a computer game, where i can start all over again when i'm screwed or just search for some cheats from the internet to make things easier.... If i could do that, I won't be her friend in the 1st place... I guess what Ally said about me being too kind hearted is kinda true... I guess form now on i won't be as kind hearted as before... Well, prepare to meet the new me... I won't be as nice as before already...

Friday, 15 June 2007

Just Had A Huge Fight With That Stupid Bitch AGAIN!!!!!

Just like the last time, almost the same case also... Just that last time I am the one who start the fight 1st because i couldn't stand Jessie's attitude so i just explode.. And last night, she's the one who exploded 1st... Actually last night I'm the one who started everything 1st because i shouldn't talk bad about her with my other friend, but on the other hand, she made me do it!! (If you know what i mean) Because she's been forcing me to go out with her (which she claim is not a force)which i cannot really do so because I'm expecting the air condition guy to come and fix my air con.. And it might take few hours to break the walls so they can change the pipe... And guess what? She asked me to ask them to come on other days, so i was thinking: "Wah!!! I'm not a king like you la!!! They have a lot of house to go and my aircon is not the only one they are repairing... Who do she think she is? My boss? HELL NO!!!" Yet she act like as if it's such a big deal every time i reject her request.. Why can't she just think of others... Why can't she just think how the fuck do others feel? I told her this and she said because when she ask me out and i always have things to do so it disappointed her.. She's the one who always ask me out at the wrong time!!! She also say why do i wanna throw all the anger at her when there's nothing to do with her? So i ask her back: why do you wanna throw your disappointment at me when there's nothing to do with me? Actually there's a few time i wanna tell her about her extremely bad attitude which hated by a lot of people around her, but it might just hurt her feelings and it might cause a fight.. That's the reason why I don't wanna say it out.. and partly because i don't wanna hurt her feelings.. Anyway she even disagree that she never think of how others feel, well I'm not the only one who said the same thing, some of our friends who's closer to me also said the same thing about her, i just don't wanna mention it's name.. Yet "she" always use one of her friend (who already can drive) to drive her around and to the place she wanna go without thinking how her friend who drive might feel and etc.. Even the rest of us felt bad about what she did... Just that we just keep quite all this while..
So last night i couldn't stand her attitude so i just share my problem with a friend of mine, throwing out my anger rather than keeping it in my heart.. That time i was msging but who knows, i send the msg (talking about her) to her number saying: "actually i feel kinda pity to (that friend of mine who drove them around) because she seems like using her to transport her around to the place she wanna go". Then she replied me: "Do you know who are you msging with or not?" Then i was like: "OH SHIT!!!!" Because i don't wanna start a fight with her, so i just ignored her msg... And she msg me again saying: "do you wanna wait for me to get angry or what?" So that time i was burning hot already so i just explode scolding her all those rude words... In the end, i think she dunno what to answer me so she asked me "who did i talk bad about her to? I don't know whether to end this friendship or not since you're still a backstabber" So i just say: "i wont tell you who is it and it's not Nicholas, whether you are right or wrong, I don't care. By the way if you really wanna end this friendship, go ahead then, just lose another friend of yours". So she replied: "OK It's a deal". And she never msg me till today...
Actually i kinda regret for forgiving her the last time when we quarreled... I should have just ended that fucking friendship for good since she never even think of how her friend feels... It's just a waste of time because she's still the same old her... Never change at all.. Still as bitchy as before.. I'm not the only one who says the same thing, it's proven that her fucking bitchy attitude is just not acceptable by hundreds of people!!! Just see how many people hated her when she was in primary school and tuition? And see how many people she quarreled with ever since form 1 till now? Not to mention Eileen, Abigail, Marshall, JH, and recently, me... If there's a lot of people do not like her, then she's the problem... NOT ME!!! Yet she's been hated again when she was in form 4 for not doing her duties till the class monitor and the assistant class monitors have to wipe the window them self and still got scolded by their form teachers... How unfair is that? Yet she also complaint to me that she quarreled with some of the girls in National Service... Yet got once, she wanna go to kenyalang and buy stuff but her parents were tired because they just came back from their work, so they refuse to bring her out... So she complaint it too me saying that their parent's so selfish because they don't wanna drive her out.. And i answered her: " they just came back from work and they are tired and they need some rest and some peace and quiet just to bring food to the table every month and that's how you repay them?" Then she got mad at me.. But then it's just minor la.. Nothing major.. Actually i think I am too soft hearted, i think she never see me angry before that's why she always take advantage of me... I think i shouldn't be as kind as i always be from now on... Coz i don wanna make friends with another person like her!!!
Actually to me, i think this girl can't be changed as her attitude is already fixed in her... So it's like permanent already.. Like they say: Once a bitch, always a bitch!!! Now i felt so grateful that she's not my friend anymore.. Feel so damn happy without her making my life miserable every time...
By the way, Jessie if you're reading this blog, I apologize about what I've typed above, i just wanna be honest since you wanted me to be... So this is how i feel about you all this while... An there's a lot more, they're just too many and i just can't list them out...

PS: Jess, You are classify as a BITCH to me!!! And yeah, FUCK YOU!!!!! F.U.C.K YOU!!!! I HATE YOU SO MUCH YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!! Like i said, I'm sorry i just wanna be honest.. So now I'm 100% extra honest to you!!!!

The original name of the person I'm talking about had been changed to "Jessie" in order to protect her identity...