Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Gonna Be Away For 3 Months

Well, as for some of you, i bet you guys know where am i going... I'll be going to National Service this coming Saturday which is on the 23rd of june... Been selected to Sematan Camp.. Heard that its very wonderful there... Don't care how hectic will it be but i just wanna go and complete my national service for good... I heard the scenery is beautiful, well i been there and it's really beautiful..... Can't wait to see how wonderful it is... Yet i heard the sky there is filled with stars at night!! Can't wait to see that too!!! Huhu.. Well i gotta buy some stuff tomorrow for the training as well!! Gotta bring a bucket too!!! Sighs!!! Well that's the advice from Kenny... Wonder is it necessary to bring bucket or not... Anyway i think i read somewhere that we must bring a bucket to wash our clothes... Haih i wonder if i still have the knowledge of washing clothes... Haven't washed a single cloth for years!! Well That doesn't fears me at all... what feared me is the Chinese ghost festival, and the office girl for not showing up on the day i arrive there... Because its so far away from my house and just imagine when you arrive there and the person you're gonna meet is not there... How crappy will that be?
Well hehe i think i gotta go now... Haven't had my dinner yet... Tula!!

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