Sunday, 29 March 2009


清明节 -> pinyin -> Qīng míng jié or Ching Ming festival suppose to be next Saturday but most of the people wanna avoid the crowd and traffic jams so they made it a week earlier which is today!
Yet this is my first time i pay a visit to my ah kong's grave. Yup i've never visit my ah kong's grave except for my mom's father's grave... Well anyway, it's kinda interesting coz the grave yard looks small from outside and i thought it is just a small compund but who knows? Phoomm so huge... What my sis told us is kinda true, looks small from the outside but huge from the inside haha... Before the Chinese cemetry is a anglican cemetry by the way... Here's the pictures of the huge grave:>

At first i thought it was just like all souls day where people pay a visit to their ancestor's grave, clean the grave, and pray... But Ching Ming is kinda interesting as you can see there's smokes in the pictures above, i thought it's the smokes from the paper money they burn but who know's some are from firecrackers!!!

Lol i know i seem so sakai coz this is my first Ching Ming...

We repainted the Chinese wording...
Trimmed the grass behind as well.......

As you can see paper moneys are thrown around for the after lives.....

After that we had breakfast together with my aunts and grandma and after that we head on to cold storage!! Still kinda empty though!

And after that we go to S'wak Club golf course... Or is it coast or cost...?the pool and my sis turning away -->

Friday, 27 March 2009

Earth Day - 28-3-09

Switch off your lights between 8pm to 9pm... or is it 8.30pm to 9.30pm? 

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Spring in Kuching

Not tHE Spring (shopping mall) in kuching but SPRING season in kuching haha.. Well all trees seems to open flowers nowadays and it looks beautiful!!!
I did blog some of the pictures I've taken from the tree behind my house but i blogged it in my camera review post... So i guess i post it here again...

And another one taken using my borther's phone, Sony Ericsson G900 Walkman + Cybershot phone! 5 megapixels... Using auto mode: (non macro).

Sunday, 15 March 2009

WASTED RM30!!!!!

I always wanted to get a screen protector for my LCD but then there's not much people selling the 19" wide ones... And then yesterday i saw it at compumart selling the ones i wanted!! A 19" wide screen protector.. And so i bought it... It was Rm38 and i ask for cheaper price so it cost RM30..
Then when i reach home and fix it, it turns out to be a disaster... There were BUBBLES all around my screen and there were dust as well!!!

I know can use card to swipe off the bubble effects but then those remaining ones can't be swiped off because it's got dust under it!!! Darn!!!

After a 30 minute swipe:
I turn it into crystal bright screen but with bubble effect.. Sighs...

And then i got fed-up with it andd took it off, it was hard to take it off because of the frame of my LCD, then my bro suggested me to use a penknife to get it out but then it was too risky so i took a nail grinder or whatever it's called, and "kiao" it out... And then i dunno why it's got a lot of stain so i use the provided cloth to wipe it but who knows it's got dust all over the stick side!!! SHIT!!
Then i wash it with water and dry it with the hair dryer. During the drying process, i dropped it on the gorund and got more dust all over it!!!, This time with hair and bigger dust all over it!!! DAMN!!!!!! And i got fed-up and i just keep the damn protector....

So in the end i still end up without the protector... No more crystal bright screen :(

Sorry about the picture quality, my bro's motorola v3i camera got dust in it's lens and can't be cleaned... so it's so blur and white...

Monday, 9 March 2009


Just had a day out with Kenny, Cheng and Ally and had a wonderful and funny lunch... I had a RM5 bucks Lamb burger and it's HUGE... Well it's huge but then i think the cabbage is a bit too much, if they want it so much hen they need to put more sauce in it so it's more moisture rather than being dry....
Pictures taken from Kenny.

And kenny had this Fried Noodles. It taste kinda nice and unique as it is different from the ones we get from other places... They don't use the big yellow noodle, they some other kind of noodle.. Not sure what noodle lah...

And finally my drink, i ordered Ice Cream Green Tea.. It taste kinda nice though... Combination of vanilla ice cream and green tea...
And someone accidentally broke the skinny tall cup and paid RM6 something for it... Haha... Be carefull next time yea...

Anyway after that we go to BING!!!! And this time i ordered ice blended mocha with whipped cream...

See my previous blog for the pictures i've taken:

Playing Around With S.E K550i Camera

Having a day out with my old buddies at Bing and we took several pictures of us both in candid and other various styles haha..
First in panaroma mode:

Not really good at it though coz the connection of the middle pic and the 3rd one "the pillow area" din manage to combine it perfectly...

2nd try, looks better la ho?.....
Zzzz forgot to switch on the macro mode... U can see it's kinda blur at the cream area as the camera couldn't "is not set to" focus the cream and it's details.... So it's blur...

Hmmm nothing to say about this... Picture quality sucks but then i just wan to take picture of the unique looking pot and the Buddha face portrait behind.... I like it!!

Another photo without macro mode... U can see the sesamie seed on the burger is not detail....

Well i just notice my phone camera need to put Twilight Portrait mode in some area like this picture of Cheng and Kenny below... This is auto mode.. U can see it's kinda bright and white while the contrast is kinda low and the colour isn't that natural...

But somehow at this angle it looks acceptable....
(auto mode)

This is the worst of all.... Look how white is it.... (Auto mode) Exposure set to 0+


Twilight mode switch on:

Comparison between auto and twilight mode:
This is auto mode:

And twilight portrait mode:Notice the difference?


And these are the few photos I'm very satisfy with... (Twilight mode) Exposure in between -03 and +01

i really like the one above lo, looks like magazine de photo like tat hehe...

And also the one above, but then kenny dislikes it... haha...

In the car with auto mode on:

twilight portrait mode:
twilight mode looks kinda suck at this environment...

Twilight portrait under the sun:

auto mode:


Close-up mode/Macro
With flash:

Without flash but with a white florescent light shining on it...

With natural sunlight:

Actually to some people they thought higher megapixels = clearer images. But actually they are wrong, doesn't mean it's high that means it is clear.. It is all depend on the inner camera built and the lens quality, the software of the camera and so on... Megapixel is just the SIZE of the picture... So which means that the higher megapixel the bigger the image so you can print out a bigger copy of the photo taken without blur..

Other pictures from kenny: S.E K810i