Sunday, 15 March 2009

WASTED RM30!!!!!

I always wanted to get a screen protector for my LCD but then there's not much people selling the 19" wide ones... And then yesterday i saw it at compumart selling the ones i wanted!! A 19" wide screen protector.. And so i bought it... It was Rm38 and i ask for cheaper price so it cost RM30..
Then when i reach home and fix it, it turns out to be a disaster... There were BUBBLES all around my screen and there were dust as well!!!

I know can use card to swipe off the bubble effects but then those remaining ones can't be swiped off because it's got dust under it!!! Darn!!!

After a 30 minute swipe:
I turn it into crystal bright screen but with bubble effect.. Sighs...

And then i got fed-up with it andd took it off, it was hard to take it off because of the frame of my LCD, then my bro suggested me to use a penknife to get it out but then it was too risky so i took a nail grinder or whatever it's called, and "kiao" it out... And then i dunno why it's got a lot of stain so i use the provided cloth to wipe it but who knows it's got dust all over the stick side!!! SHIT!!
Then i wash it with water and dry it with the hair dryer. During the drying process, i dropped it on the gorund and got more dust all over it!!!, This time with hair and bigger dust all over it!!! DAMN!!!!!! And i got fed-up and i just keep the damn protector....

So in the end i still end up without the protector... No more crystal bright screen :(

Sorry about the picture quality, my bro's motorola v3i camera got dust in it's lens and can't be cleaned... so it's so blur and white...

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