Saturday, 26 July 2008

Drunken Lady ( I guess so)

While i was out with my college mates, we were waiting for the movie to start opposite the cinema at the Green Hill Corner coffee shop, then we heard some crying voice from the other end of the shop house, then we thought it was just some women laughing, but then again the crying voice came out again. We saw a plum dayak lady in her 40s wearing a red shirt struggling with a guy.. Then we thought the lady was mentally disabled... I saw the guy who was wearing a motorbike helmet asking her to hop onto his bike, he then asked the lady to wear the helmet and the lady refused to... Then we saw a couple of youngsters and a girl trying to persuade her as well, then she pointed them the middle finger with her two hands...
They struggled and struggled till they end up beside the road, luckily they didn't end up blocking the road.. She then hugged the tree and the guy smack her hand ask her to go home... Then they struggled till the coffee shop we are sitting at, i was kinda worried that she might do something bad to us and so on, then the helmet guy (which i assume tat he is her husband, or some family members) followed her to the coffee shop and pulled her, she grabbed the grill and the guy smack her hands like little kids... Then when i see the way she walk, it looks like she is drunk or something because the way she walk is unstable... You know how drunk people walks... So i assume that she is drunk.. Lol...

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Singaporean Airlines Cabin Crew

There's a vacancy for Singaporean airlines for Malaysian cabin crew, but then I'm not qualified for the spm result because it needs 5 credits minimum... But then my mom asked me to just go for he interview, who knows they will accept me because of my English ability ( although my English standard drop a lot) lol.. Well, basic salary is 3,500 Sing dollar... Wow!!!! Yet we can travel to other countries and get 50% discount to any sing airline destination... Although i don't have the confidence in my results but i just wanna go try it out... Hope they are not as choosy as air asia... I didn't pass the "look" checking part as i was undergoing NS and my skin was dark and dirty looking and my teeth is ugly too... So... i didn't pass... So hope they wont have any step to step checking point... Hope it will like the mass interview...
Wait!!! I just remembered the mass interview DOES check our requirements before we enter for the interview.. Gosh!!!! Really have no confidence in it anymore.... But at least I'll be trying it out la... Gotta make my own resume again... Full length photo and so on...

No MOre New Monitor (Hope Not)

Sighs, guess I'm not getting a new monitor.. You know i'm targeting a new LCD rite? Well, i guess i gotta cancel tat... Actually i planned to get a flat screen crt but since Ally will look for a 10 bucks 17" crt (rounded screen) for me, so i guess i just take it... But still i'll buy a new LCD someday.... I wont let go... wakakaa

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Laozhabor's Blog

Eh, the laozhabor from Ah Long PTE LTD got blog also le.. Yet i saw her rapping in youtube as well... Kinda lame though the rap but i htink it's cool for an old lady lol... Anyway visit her blog:

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Lame... got nothing else better to do

mood I'm in now? = sad/mad/confused
the look on my face? = sad
boredom? = fuel thingy... I always wanted to go out but parents dun allow.. even if i top up 10 bucks but my dad still larang
what you want? = have someone to talk to right now.. and i want a new lcd monitor, waiting for the pc fair lol....
What model/ brand u wanna buy? = Samsung syncmaster 19" widescreen... But i dunno what is the model, i only know it cost 650 to 669...
how long have you been targetting it? = Erm, almost a year?
what else u want for your pc? = upgrade it to quad core lol... but have to wait for my pentium 4 to spoil 1st... it's life kinda long sighs... never knew acer pc last that long
Urgghhh, why i blog abt this? well, I'm just bored...