Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Lame... got nothing else better to do

mood I'm in now? = sad/mad/confused
the look on my face? = sad
boredom? = fuel thingy... I always wanted to go out but parents dun allow.. even if i top up 10 bucks but my dad still larang
what you want? = have someone to talk to right now.. and i want a new lcd monitor, waiting for the pc fair lol....
What model/ brand u wanna buy? = Samsung syncmaster 19" widescreen... But i dunno what is the model, i only know it cost 650 to 669...
how long have you been targetting it? = Erm, almost a year?
what else u want for your pc? = upgrade it to quad core lol... but have to wait for my pentium 4 to spoil 1st... it's life kinda long sighs... never knew acer pc last that long
Urgghhh, why i blog abt this? well, I'm just bored...

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