Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sonic Gear Bluethunder I 2.1 PC Speaker

Bought it yesterday for RM140 at Saberkas.. Actually i wanted the upper end (Bluethunder IIV) version which cost RM180 but the sound quality of the satellite speakers doesn't please me at all... It sounds like as if there's something blocking the speaker. But the Bluethunder IIV's woofer sounds a lot better than mine, and the woofer and satellite speakers are taller too...I chose the Bluethunder I because of the natural sound of the satellite speakers and also the powerful Bandpass 24watts (30 watts RMS) woofer, although its wattage is small but its bass is BIG!!!
The Satellite speaker with a 3" 14 watts RMS mid range and 1" tweeter. Quite pleased with the sound as it sounds like a home theater satellite speaker, every detail and background guitar streaming sounds u can hear it clearly...

Woofer size is 5.25" and 24 watts (30 watts RMS).. Although it doesn't really perform well when reach low frequency bass, but still it sounds good on average frequency. Well, what do you expect from a 5 inch?

Here's a picture of the woofer in the box, i inserted my webcam in the hole and took a pic of it...

Thats the rear of the woofer and it's magnetically sheilded... Iwanted to take a pic of the woofer with my phone but the hole isn't big enough for my phone to fit in..

And a few pics of the back panel being remove:

Actually i was expecting the woofer to be at least 30 watts and above, oh well as long as it pleased me well, shooked my floors well, then it's fine for me... But what i don't like about this 2.1 speaker system is that the control panels and on off button are all located at the woofer unit, so u can't put the woofer on the floor or somewhere hidden because u can't on off or adjust the volume like that... But what i did is i control the volume from my smart keyboard, so i can place the woofer on the floor hehe...

Update: 11/2/2010

Ok, so i happen to take the front grill of the satellites off and found out that the satellite speakers look rather "cheap".. Even the tweeter is not properly screwed, i can even see holes under the tweeter, but that isn't a big deal for satellites because it's not producing any bass.. Here are the pictures of the 8 watt 3" midrange and it's 1" tweeter... I dun know how big is the watt of the tweeter but I'm sure it's around 1 watt or less...

Anyway the Bluethunder IIV had an additional wired volume control, unlike the Blut Thunder I..
Notice the low frequency driver is exposed at the side of the woofer box on this version?

What is different between the Bluethunder I and IIV is the size of it's woofer and also the type of the woofer, the Bluethunder I's woofer is concealed type (bandpass) which the woofer is located inside the woofer box.. So if you block the hole, you won't be able to hear any bass.. And the Bluethunder IIV's woofer is exposed on the left side of the woofer box and it's woofer size is 6" and 40 watts... The satellite speakers are larger too, but seems like the Bluethunder IIV's satellite speaker doesn't sounds nice at all, that's why i chose the Bluethunder I.

The version like mine (left) and the upper-end version (right)
And the surround version:

Here is a video of my system....

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