Sunday, 22 June 2008

Konsert Melodi Kasih

We just had this concert that we're gonna sing for Sarawak's CM yesterday at RTM.. We did a great job though.. I thought mariana and dwing wasn't going to make it but who knows they supprise us and made it there... Kinda happy they made it... Thanks yea? Really appreciate y'all made it there....
Actually i kinda had fun performing for the audience last night, kinda fun to see mdm yap conduct us and asked us to smile more... Really can't stand the look on her face sometimes which made me laugh a lot... lol.. And i noticed the audience enjoyed aci aci buka pintu the most...
Well, I'm gonna upload the video when i get the files from jesper... So stay tune yea?

Videos are too big so I'm gonna shrink it to fir in here... so stay tune ya?
Our Upcoming Performance:
We're gonna sing this song (click to play below) during the 22nd of july..
This is just a practise
Recording.amr -

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