Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nice View Right From The Middle Of Kuching

Sorry picture quality isn't up to standard as i was using my 2nd phone, Sony Ericsson T250i. Anyway pictures are taken from Civic Centre. I'll use my S.E K550i to take some pictures from Civic Centre when i get it back from warranty claim... Anyway enjoy the pictures.!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sarawak Club Inapropriate Shower Door! (Men's Changing Room)

Although they have been upgraded long time ago, but this is the first time i actually use the shower and i found it really inappropriate!! Just imagine how low the doors are!!!
See? The door is actually lower than my head!!! I can't even have my own privacy. You can even see people walking about. And if they walk towards the door they can actually see you nude!!!
And also the glass door can't be locked... What's making it shut is the tiny little magnet below... And if you wanna let people know that there's someone inside, just hang a tower, or your bag.. Like me....
And also the toilets in the same men's changing room, The doors are made of glass and thank god it can be locked!!! But still it's not 100% privacy you can get inside there while doing big business, people still can see your shadow from outside...

It's unique they use glass doors but then i really hate the shower door as it can't be locked yet it's waaaay too low!!! I wonder who's idea was it making it low...

But what i like is the shower head!
It's big and right on top of you....

Anyway after that i went to Civic Center but sadly the lvl 3 viewing area is closed. But i managed to take 2 snapshots of the views from the lift...

On my way home...........>

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sushi King RM2!!!

I was out with my friends and we went to sushi king at the spring... And it suck!!!! Not fresh at all!! The Sushi with fried prawn on top doesn't taste right yet its not crunchy at all!!! Doesn't taste like what i ate the last time i was in Boulevard's sushi king.... Yet the Sushi with Salmon on top doesn't taste fresh as well!!! I was kinda disappointed with it actually because i was expecting to enjoy good food there but who knows in the end, end up eating yucky sushi!!! But then it was a hundred times better than my own sushi i made last few days... After i recalled the taste and i was like: huh???!! Am i serious??!? My Sushi sucks big time!!! Haha

Arrrggghhh!!! The Spring Sushi King gave me a bad experience and i dunno if i will be coming back again next time!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

OMG!!! I Ran Over Someone's Belonging!!

There was an accident opposite the Proton showroom at Batu Kawah. A motorcyclist was knocked by a taxi and all the motorcyclist's stuff and the wreckage from the bike was on he ground all over the road... Everyone slow down and avoid those things on the road.. And so i took my camera out and took a snapshot of it.. And then i didn't notice the motorcyclist's stuff on the ground and i drove over it and i heard a cracking sound underneath my car!!! And then the taxi driver was like: eh... oi!!! Then i quickly step on the accelerator and speed away.... Haha... I just hope i didn't run over the motorcyclist's handphone or anything important... Hope it's just the wreckage from the bike...

My Sushi

Haih... This is my first sushi in ............. i dunno.......... 1 year? or two?
Oh well it really suck!! Tasteless!!! I forgot to add in Mayonnaise in the rice and also salt!! And yet my vinegar is too little... Can hardly taste it!!!

2nd Batch Sushi!!! (Improved Version)

This is the improved version!!! I added in more vinegar, salt and also Mayonnaise this time!! And it taste fantastic!! Mmmmmm Yummy!!! Sorry about the poor picture quality as it was already night time and my camera sucks at night!

Things Only Cameras Can See!!!

No wonder cameras often captured things we humans can't see!! Like ghost for example.. This is what i found out.. Digital cameras can actually see infrared from our TV remotes!!!
This is how Infrared from a remote looks like:

I think this is why digital cameras can always see ghost....

First video was recorded wit my motorola V3I and the 2nd with S.E K550i..