Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sushi King RM2!!!

I was out with my friends and we went to sushi king at the spring... And it suck!!!! Not fresh at all!! The Sushi with fried prawn on top doesn't taste right yet its not crunchy at all!!! Doesn't taste like what i ate the last time i was in Boulevard's sushi king.... Yet the Sushi with Salmon on top doesn't taste fresh as well!!! I was kinda disappointed with it actually because i was expecting to enjoy good food there but who knows in the end, end up eating yucky sushi!!! But then it was a hundred times better than my own sushi i made last few days... After i recalled the taste and i was like: huh???!! Am i serious??!? My Sushi sucks big time!!! Haha

Arrrggghhh!!! The Spring Sushi King gave me a bad experience and i dunno if i will be coming back again next time!!!

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