Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What i always wanted!

What i always wanted is to travel the world!!! Wow how nice will that be! The first place i wanna go is London!! I just love the environment there a lot...
I also always wanted to have a computer of my own and now i have but it's a Pentium 4! I need a core 2 quad!... Anyway i just make a list of my wanted stuff! :)

i wan:

1. New CPU..
2. DSLR camera
3. My own car
4. my own house
5. a stable job
6. lose my stomach fat
7. go to college
8. earn my degree
9. get married!
10. honeymoon in HAWAII
11. Improve my singing
12. And be a SUPERSTAR!!!

Bluekk i think i go too far liao.......

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