Thursday, 16 April 2009

Alvin vs Anonymous!!!

Wow!!! Fight in choir!!! Yepp there's a fight in choir between Alvin and the dayak guy (i dunno he's name) and it's sooo darn cool!!! Ok here is how it started:

At first the dayak guy came and he kicked Alvin's chair while Alvin is not around... And then Alvin came in and pointed the middle finger at the dayak guy and mdm yap saw it!!! Yeah she saw it and her face changed!! Then Alvin started to scold the dayak guy FUCK YOU!!

And then the dayak guy walked to him and told Alvin something that makes Alvin scolded him "FUCK YOU" again!!!!

And then i heard Rita told the others "He said fuck you oh"... And so the fight started!! biboop biboop bibooopp!!! using street fighting skills they had in themself until Boniface stop them... Lol...

And then the dayak guy walk out and also Alvin... And then Rita walk out also to make sure they don't fight again... And so they didn't fight anymore... But Alvin was concern about he's car being scratch by the dayak guy so he park it near by the window.. And he keep walking to the window to monitor he's car...

I was wondering after the fight, why Alvin smiled to mdm yap and told mdm yap that the dayak guy likes her? Weird!!!!
I can tell mdm yap was kinda disappointed that the fight occured!!! She then tried to tell us stories and so on but then she doesn't sounds like she wanted to tell the story.... Well i know how she feels actually.. (Although i like the fight!!) haha....

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