Friday, 12 October 2007

Embarrassing video of a Britney Fan crying defending for Britney

It's kinda funny though, saw this video on MTV TRL the day before Britney launch her latest single "Gimme More"... Look at this bitch/bastard, she's/his really crying!!! That's a fucking true Britney fan!!! LOL... Ok here's the video and it's titled: Leave Britney Alone!!!

By the way, his a guy!! His transsexual... And his 19 years old...

Here's another video of him or her yelling in front of the camera to those who hated him/her.. It's called: Eat My Cornholes!!!

And someone tried to make a fool of them self by recording another video (pretending to be Britney) defending for this bitch (Chris Cocker)... Kinda funny though... It's called: LEAVE CHRIS CROCKER ALONE! Britney Spears Responds

ROFL!!! This fat pappy with a blond wig just makes it better and better.. Like it when he cry till he coughed with the background blanket drops off... Just so freakin' funny HAHA!!! I wonder these people who filmed themself on youtube making themself look stupid, i just wondering do they feel any "feeling of embarrassment" when they go out to the public where people will recognize them and say: hey look!!! It's that idiot who cried in the video defending britney spears!!! I mean, common, it's embarrassing!!!

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