Saturday, 27 October 2007

Flunk My Table Test!!! Shit!!!

I flunk my table test/law test this morning which i only score 35/50 which i have to get 42 and above to pass the test.... I was so confident on the test and was ready for it until i press the result button.... I was so mad at myself till i wanna hit my head on the wall.. Now I'm gonna have to sit for it again wasting another 35 bucks for it... Hopefully i will pass the freaking test for goodness sake... I wonder why i always can't get what i want when i really need it... It's kinda unfair actually, because a lot of people get what they want easily... Unlike me, when i want something, it just fly away like that... And those unwanted things keeps on coming to me every time... Like my mom told me, if i fail the table test again she wont let me sit for the table test again... That time i was about to quarrel with her when she said that coz I've been waiting to have a "P" license for years... And now i finally get to learn driving and now she just makes me disappointed like what she did before... LIKE WHAT SHE ALWAYS DID actually.... Giving her kids disappointment all the time... Well I'm not gonna stop sitting for the table test coz i already PAID for it... Just really hates it when people come into my way and destroy everything i planned properly for years.. Just really suckish!!!

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