Friday, 14 December 2007

When People Say Gambateh!

i dunno why i hate when people say "gambateh".. It's sounds s2pid and it also sounds like some sort of name for herbal tea or something... I noticed only people often watch anime will say that word... It really sounds horrible to me. Sorry for those japanese who read this blog.. I just hate malaysians using that word... I think it don't even fit in our society... So.... yucks...

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limweiseng said...

Some people also hate others using short forms like s2pid, u, 2nite, 4u
They don't think it fit the standard commununication while spoil the structures.
Let's also see whether Sean Poh speaking is rojak or always pure English, Pure Mandarin, Pure Malay, Pure Hokkien or Pure Cantonese, etc.