Friday, 28 December 2007

Old Friends

As we all know friends come and go, some might stay, some might go, some might come back and some might stick with you for eternity, and some might treat you as a stranger after a decade or two, like when i saw my primary school friend, they just ignored my smile and walked pass me in the public like as if they never knew me. Hey, I'm not the same old nasty person like i used to be in primary school. Not only that, some don't even wanna add me in friendster, i was so happy to find their profiles and added them and they just decline my friends request.. Don't they know how hard it feels to be rejected? Anyway, why do i bother posting about this anyway? If they don't wish to be friends anymore, then fine!! Go away... Go far far away!!! Friends like this are useless.. Nobody needs them anyway

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