Saturday, 2 February 2008


What i hate about people is racist.. When will people start to realize that we are all just people and we all came from the same creator? We just have different skin colors and family backgrounds and culture, that's all!! Why wanna hate each other when it's impossible to get rid of one and another? And why wanna hate each other when you're living in a Malay country?
I really hate it when i hear people say stupid Malays, stupid Chinese or stupid dayaks stupid angmo and so on... Not just because you see a bunch of Malays did something bad that makes all of them the same... What about Chinese people with pirated CDs? Or an Indian being a snatch thieve? NOT ALL OF THEM are the same OK? Only those with low IQ moron will be a racist... I mean, it's really hard when you're in between both races, just like me, I'm in between Chinese and American, and it really hurts my feelings when my Chinese friends talked bad about American white or the whites saying bad things about Chinese... Yet i have a lot of close friends from different colors, Gaziani for example from the non Chinese category, or Seeta, Dolly, Nazrin, Alphonsius, Sarita, Firdaus Fitria Fino and so on. And from the Chinese category: Aaron Jesper Gerg Kenny Nicholas Jaclyn Ally Q Dwing and etc... I don't see anything wrong mixing with different ethnics..
Anyway i guess we can't live without racist in this world, it's been goin' on and on for centuries and it will be this way until the very end..

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