Saturday, 16 February 2008

Oh My God!! Yucks!! (Valentine's Day)

Guess what i received on Valentine's day? I received a comment on Friendster saying that I'm Hot and Happy Valentine's Day.. Thanks for the compliment though but then it's FROM A GUY!! Oh YUCKS!!! I'm having goose bumps now cause it's really strange to receive a valentine's day message from the same sex which I'm definitely WON'T get attracted to.. It's so gay... Eeeww!
I can't imagine myself french kissing a guy or having f*cked through my cornholes... Seesh it's disgusting.. I know i look gay to some of you but I'm not. I do admire guys but sorry, that doesn't makes me gay.. I'm straight NOT gay... I prefer girls than guys and oh, I'll only approve your Valentine's Day comment if you are a female... So,........... sorry to the gay guy who sent me the comment, I'm not interested and I have deleted your comment.. If you send me comments like this again, I'll delete you from my Friendster. Cause I'm not a freakin' gay

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