Saturday, 1 March 2008

Antiques On The Malaysian Road

My eldest brother was driving along Gambier Road and saw this antique Ford driving around town..

He took a few shots of the car with he's phone while driving...
The owner must have kept the car well... It must have been purchased in the late 1930s or so and had been kept for generations... I wonder where are the rest of these antiques here in Kuching... I mean where they dumped it? I don't even ever saw the parts whereabout.. They should have keep these antiques.. If i were the owner of this automobile, I'll be so proud to drive it around town with one of the earliest license plate number on...
I'm sure people will stare at it while the owner drives it around town... I wonder how did he maintained the car so well and where he find it's spare parts? And i wonder how if someone accidently bumped into him by accident?

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