Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Too Close?

I guess when you're too close to someone, you will dislike them in some ways which will lead to hatred before splitting up.. Well, i guess it's just like that.. Just like me, i always think that he is the best pal that i ever had but, who knows it turns out that i do not really like him after a while... I still DO mix together with him and my other best friends but i just don't like the way he irritates me and making me feel uncomfortable all the time... Ego would be best to describe him... I just dunno why i just don't like ego people.. They just don't listen to your advice and think that everything they say and do is correct... When you try to correct them, they just seem to be irritated by it and started answering back in a harsh way... Oh yes of course I've been hurt a lot by that... Because i do care for my friends who cares about me but it's just kinda hurt to see that they don't appreciate what we trying to correct them so they can be a better person... And i can feel that he doesn't really like me at all.. Having a friend who dislikes you and backstabbed you behind is very hurtful.. It's a harsh thing to do though... Hmmph... Guess i just have to let it be, and if it gets worst and more worst, I think i better kick them out of my friends list... Some friends are just rubbish... You just can't keep all friends, some are just meant to be left behind...

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