Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I'm Mr Segi?

I just wish i am not selected as Mr Segi... I just don't wish to join the contest.. Why? Cause' I lazy wanna go... i just wanna stay home and sit in front of my monitor and type... That's what i usually do when I'm home... I htink without this computer, I'll be bored to death... Anyway, i was actually arranged to be Eliana or lina or whatever her name is's partner... She's kinda pretty but i don't know her... I never talk to her before nor smile.. Not even an eye contact.. She's kinda rich too.. Hehe, so Hui Na arranged me to be with Juliana... And they are gonna dress me up this coming saturday... Oh gosh i just wish they don't bring me go shop for clothes... Shopping for clothes is booooooooooorrrriiiiiiing!!!!!! Unless we shop for computer stuff and the things I'm interested in hehehe... I don't mind that.. lol... And oh, i gotta get my hair done before saturday... My current hair style SUXX man!!! Wonder what hairstyle suits me? hmmm....

1 comment:

MissQQ said...

if ur budget more enough u sure can look more handsome but then i dunno how r u goin to be changed from the looks from now or to be more handsome lol... if im rich enough im sure will pay for u the haircut.. sigh..
guess wad u n julia represent our graphic design course.. if julia n urs outlooks doesnt look creative this gonna make all of the classmate even teacher no faces nia...i think sir got his reason to choose the mr.segi n mrs. segi who can bring our course is the most creative..