Sunday, 2 March 2008

Jesus Sighting in Simunjan, Sarawak Malaysia..

I didn't saw the article in the newspapers about the sightings of god in Simunjan until Jaclyn told me about it today while i was in my great grandma's funeral.. I searched for the photos through internet and i found some sets of it... I was quite amazed by it and felt blessed to have the chance to see Jesus and Virgin Mary.. (Although through my computer screen, it's good enough though)..
Jaclyn said there's a person who dream about the palm tree nearby his house was blessed by an angel and the next thing he know he saw a cross through the leaves...

Do you see it? They say it only appeared for 20 minutes and after that it was gone... And i was quite amazed that only mobile phone cameras are able to see Virgin Mary by the leaves when they took a picture of the leave, here is the picture:

The picture below is a close-up photo taken by someone using a mobile phone and they saw virgin mary:And the brighter version of it below:

I think it was just beside the cross where mother mary appeared... I wonder Did they have any pictures of sighting of mother mary in mount singai where mother mary appeared there once which made the mountain a holy place and a church on a mountain...
Anyway they also captured a picture believe to be the body of jesus christ... The first picture is kinda dark so i use Adobe Photoshop to brighten it up.. Heres the photo:

And the brightened version of it below:
Maybe it's just a dust on the lens or something or maybe it's really IS jesus... And of course there's a lot of curious people there looking at it:
And the rest of the other pictures:

Well it really is a blessing to have Jesus sightings in our country and i really felt blessed to have this sighting in our country.. God not only bless the Christians but also to all other religions...

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