Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Secret Reveals!!

Finally everyone knows my ethnicity (almost) in class... Today the same group talked bout me in class again :( then one of the chinese girls told them i understand mandarin and that time i was listening to my MP3 waiting for Mr Moosa to come in and resume our lessons... They tot i couldn't hear their conversation while i was listening to my MP3... But then they wasn't talking bad bout me, one of the girls said that i looks familiar... She looks familiar to me as well... Then they asked me can i speak mandarin and i answered yes... Then the girl said i looks familiar asked me do i have any brothers, and i told her Bjorn's name and she said "sui la"... Then i was like: ok... haha... But then that time i didn't speak a single mandarin in class, when i answer them i just said yes, no and ya...

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