Monday, 19 November 2007

fustrated with my windows... 19.11.07

Just instaled a fresh windows on my pc and it runs horribly slow!!! So fustrated when it runs that slow after waiting for hours to get it done... Wasted my time.... Gotta reformat my hard disk again....
Have jez over accompany me yesterday and took a pic of me and him posing in front of the webcam.. What to do?I don have a digital camera... Not really clear but at least it does the job... After that we play with the hair straightening i bought in 100% discount store... Jez became the victim of course.. Coz he had longer hair... Lol.. not realy satisfy with it actually coz when i ironed it...Then he said he looks girlish after straightening which I kinda agreed with him lol... Sorry for saying tat jez lol... Thanks for ya time here in my house... Ya.. hehehe

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Jesperado said...

Lol! This so old already. >.<