Monday, 5 November 2007

I've Made Up My Stupid Mind!!

Yeah... Chose Graphic Design for good.... I just think FO(Front Office) is not the right choice for me as i had to deal with accounting stuff which I'm totally out.... So i guess I'm better off with GD (Graphic Design).. Well i heard there's gonna be 2 groups, group A and group B.. I just hope I will be in the group i wanted with all the people that I'm willing to mix around with... hehe... Actually i feel kinda regret for changing my course to GD coz FO is also a good course coz u can work in companies, hotels and etc... But I'll be the receptionist!!! That's what i don like about... I don't really like dealing with customers and problems... I hate all that.. Prefer to be left alone when i wanted to be alone or etc... Mom also said if i work in hotels, it will be a pain in the ass haha... She works as a hotel manager before and she said it's damn tiring... She gotta wake up as early as 7am just to get to work and only meet up with her family during weekends... Coz usually she works from morning till very late at night and come back home when everyone is already sleeping... Tiring but high salary hehe... She resigned when i was about 6 or 7 by the way...

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