Thursday, 1 November 2007

I dunno which girl to marry!!!! :(

I really dunno which gal to marry now... Nah!!! Actually i just dunno which course should i take in college... Front office or Graphic Design... Gosh never knew choosing courses can be so frustrating... I really like Graphic Design but then I'm not that good in drawing but i have to say that I'm quite artistic.. Actually it depends on my mood when i draw... But then I'm afraid that i might regret when i change to Graphic Design coz I don't want to study halfway and feeling regret for choosing the course.. Front office pulak, this course is definitely easy to get a job, BUT, I just did some research on the internet that Front Office will not take you far... I posted a question in Yahoo Answers that it's a dead job and won't take you far while Graphic Design will take you far.... (Further your career) Hadu.... Now I'm having a headache and it's all because of this... Haih.... Tomorrow have to wake up early to go to GRSS to find Mr Putit for his signature again... Just hope that he will be around.... And i hope Segi college still allow students to change their courses.. Gonna be in the college tomorrow to ask them which course is actually suitable for me... Gotta go now.. Peace out!!

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