Sunday, 11 November 2007

I'm The One!

When it comes to making friends, starting a conversation in MSN, phone or sms, or even sex! Nah just joking haha... I'm still a virgin... Anyway when it comes to those I've mentioned, I'm the one who always kept quite waiting for them to start their conversation and etc.. I dunno why is it that way, i just felt i don't have the right to do so. Usually when i react (start some conversation or making new friends), it always end up a failure.. That's why y'all often see me sitting alone doing my own business and kept quite all the time... I only chose to be sound when someone is interested to talk to me... So i just wanna say sorry to my new friends i met in college in GD classes coz i don talk to you people coz i thought y'all aren't interested to be friends with me.. Tried to start a conversation with Louis quite a few times but it ends up a failure in the end.. And I'm the odd guy in class so i think i couldn't fit in the group of chinese in class.. Except for Q, she's a nice girl. She's the only one willing to talk to me in class.. I was hoping that someone will ask to be added in my MSN or friendster and who knows, she came.. And less than a minute, Hui Na, Carol, Jesper and all of them added me in friendster and msn.. She linked them to me by the way... So i chatted with them in class through msn on friday.. I also dunno why i don talk to them face to face. I think I'm just too shy i guess.. So can you just imagine, they sat in front and i sat behind the class in the same room yet we chat via msn instaed of face to face conversation, how odd is that? LOL...The person i only dare to talk to (face to face) is Q.. Coz she spoke to me quite a few times... At 1st i thought nobody wanna be friends with me because I don't look like a Chinese.. Luckily i told Q before that I'm a chinese when she first introduce herself to me.. I was like: nice to meet you and I'm chinese!!! And she was like: errr, ok you're a chinese... Then the 2nd person who actually talked to me is Brigitte, she's a Dayak girl from other class and she's taking FO. She's also very nice.. So usually when i saw her, i just wave at her and sometimes when we have time to chat, we chat about classes and etc... She said that I'm the fairest in class which I'm totally not at all... I think i have dark skin.. Haha.. I'm looking forward to talk to them this coming Monday. And i hope Louis and the rest of my classmates will talk to us more often than usual coz i like to have lots and lots of friends like what i had in National Service (PLKN) and secondary school.. Well as you can tell by the phrase I've just typed that I'm not a racist person.. Well, I'm really not a racist person.. I don't mind mixing around with other races actually...

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MissQQ said...

heheeh~ sean tis post u seem like u so kolien.. haiya u... give ur self more confident sikit lar..
me also lonely at 1st.. don't afraid to speak to others.. they won't discriminate u lol.. n yet they won't eat u also la.. hahhaahhah~
sometimes like what my sis did.. ppl tot she very hao lien o.. coz dun wan to speak to ppl... hahahhaha~ well, i know u can do it.. try to be confident more!!!*peace*

Take care,