Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goodbye 2008 Hello 2009!!

What I've did throughout the whole year? (major ones)

1. had a new phone
2. finally got my "P" license
3. turn back to 63kg
4. go to santubong with friends
5. go to sematan with friends
6. bought myself an lcd monitor and new pc speakers!
7. cracked my dad's mercedes front bumper. shhhh
8. found a job but gonna start working on jan 15.
9. had a huge fight with friends and family
10. got myself drunk, and vomited in public!! wont do that again
11. drove up to 140km/h haha
12. failed my theory for not fully prepared. sighs
13. learned to be a better person...
14. fell into the drain and had bruises on my left leg.. Sia soi my face only
15. Countdown with friends.. Sighs didn't made it to popwave, kinda upset though.
But at least Aaron asked me got to his place and have some spaghetti.. Thanks Aaron, u cheered me up..

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