Friday, 26 December 2008


HDTV finally reach Malaysia and RTM is testing it at klang valley, which means only people in the klang valley will be able to receive it via their HDTV compatible LCD or Plasma Tv.. And of course it will be in 16:9 aspect duh... But!, they are just testing it out during the beijing olympics and will stop airing after that (i guess)... Maybe soon they will upgrade themself to HD.. Anyway i think we are kinda late for tis HDTV technology as people in Singapore and Hong Kong are already enjoying their HD channels, unlike us, still using the traditional 4:3 SDTV format... That's so old school!!
And Oh, Astro le? Since it's a pay per view Satellite TV then they should offer HDTV long time ago!!! Now they are currently developing their HDTV systems which is kinda late already, like i said, people in singapore and hk already enjoying HD now we baru start wanna have it... Anyway this is the video sample i found from youtube showing a sample from RTM HD...

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