Thursday, 1 January 2009

Rear Seat Belts starting today

Rear seat belts are made compulsory starting from today and passengers above 17 years of age will be fine RM300 if caught not wearing safety belts behind and RM 2000 starting from July onwards.. I think this new rear seatbelt ruling is good but i think the RM2k fine is kinda too much... Well I won't talk about this here... Anyway if passengers below 17 are caught not wearing rear seatbelts, the driver will be fined instead of the suspect..
Anyway to those who claim rear seatbelts are stupid, well it's not. This is for our own safety, if it's stupid then why car manufacturers made front and rear seatbelts in the first place? That means car manufacturers are stupid la? Swt. To me, i think it's not just by the sack of following the rule but it's the sack of our own safety.. So what if those police don't wear their seatbelts? It's their life they're risking not ours..

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