Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Why none of my friends leave comments on my blog?
Sighs i guess i need to advertise my blog more..

This is my old time favorite music, No More I Love You's by Annie Lenox... It was in 1995 and I still remember i was around 7 years old the 1st time when i heard this song.. And i was in the back seat of my dad's Pajero and my dad switched the radio station into Radio 4 (Traxx FM) and started to enjoy it with my bro... That time i still remember me and my family were on our way back from the circus in Petra Jaya.. Its was at night... Wow... Never knew i can recall that much LOL... But i kinda hate the video clip because there's some transsexuals wearing ballet dress dancing around with heavy make up on their face and their armpits were full with armpit hairs, as well as their hairy (manly) legs.. Haha.. Enjoy it!

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