Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Hmmmmm... I'm kinda disappointed this morning because i wasn't accepted for form 6.. So it's like: a waste of time for me to go and apply for it earlier on.. So my dream of going to form 6 and university is gone.. It hurts to see everyone moving forward to another step and I'm just standing on the same step without improvements... It really hurts me deep inside... I guess form 6 is just not for me la...
I guess i just had to work as an air steward for MAS to earn some money for college.. And hopefully i can go to university.. But i hope i can get the job la... If not i go apply for air asia also can la...

Anyway on the bright side, yesterday i got a free ticket from church for a free hair cut in Sheldon hair saloon.. And it worth RM100 over!! Wow... Just imagine, i can cut my hair there for free while everyone else had to pay for the high price LOL..

(before and after):

Take a look of my bushy hair,

This is before:

and after:

I'm happy that my hair is short coz i don't like to keep my hair long because it's so hard for me to maintain it... Yet my hair is so curly again...

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