Saturday, 5 May 2007

:) / :(

Just finish reading Kenny's blog and found out that someone stole his car stereo for the 2nd time.. Pretty suck though but what to do? If I'm Kenny and if i see the thieve doing their thing in my car, I'll give them the hardest punch on the nose and private part and I'll give them the scariest nightmare they ever experience.. I hate thieves too.. I mean, who doesn't? I had the same experience on my late Honda Civic before... It really heats up your temper to see that your stereo is gone.. It's like you bought something new and you like it so much then one day it just vanish like that..
OK change topic!
It's been a really hot day these few days... But at least now it's raining and at least there's some breeze... And now I'm c.c.c.cold!! I'm shivering... And i like it... Do you guys notice that when it rains, the environment looks a bit like the environment in the UK? Maybe there's a lot of rain there in the UK that's why every time when it rains it reminds me of the UK..

Man!!! I love UK so much and i wish to visit there one day... Well i can just wish but i don't have the cash to go there.. It's too expensive... :)

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Ќёń ♥ said...

Huh .. if let me see the thieves .. i'll KICK their private part ... Hmm .. coz my leg is more powerful than my hands .. Haha .. Downward kick will do .. straight to the head .. Wahseh, nice show =) Kia, we save money then go UK together next time .. lolx..