Monday, 14 December 2009

Eye Infection

I've been suffering from some sort of eye irritation for weeks now... It feels like there's something stuck in my left eye and i've tried to yawn and flow it out with my tears and it doesn't work.... And so i rub and rub and rub.... Till my eyeball is swollen!!! I was shocked and panic after looking at the mirror...

There's actually a layer of "jelly-ish" substance on my left side of my left eyeball.. And it's just right beside of my iris!! So if i look all the way to my left, the side of my eye lit will push the "jelly-ish" substance and cause it to block my iris, so i can see something blocking my vision every time i turn my eyeball all the way to the left...

And now it's much better and the jelly thingy is now gone

thanks to Eye Glo... :)

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