Monday, 30 November 2009

Photos photos photos and more photos!!

29/11/09 (sunday) @ 6:45 p.m on top of Summerset Gateway (Kuching) at the swimming pool on the 16th floor..

Nice view of Kuching in the evening....

Camera used: Sony Ericsson k770i

Earlier on that day at around 1 p.m something?? Couldn't remember...
Camera used: Sony Ericsson K550i

The first 2 of these pictures are taken with the window close because the window only open a little bit so i couldn't take a good angle with the window half open,.. So the colour is a little bit greenish on the first 2 photos...

View from the 16th floor all the way down:

From the ground all the way up where i stick my camera out to capture the image from above:


Some pictures taken at the roadside florist.... During all soul's day... Forgot the date...
Camera used: Sony Ericsson k550i


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