Thursday, 23 October 2008

Thank Lord We're OK

It was just an ordinary night out with nicholas to the movies when something horrible happened...
We were late for the 9:30pm movie as it was already 9:25 at that time.. So nicholas was using the road opposite st mary to the star cineplex and it was also raining at that time yet he was speeding to pass the red light. Then he skidded while cornering and almost hit a white myvi parked beside the road... I was already ready for the impact while the car is losing control but then we were lucky coz he managed to control the car and get it back in control.. I think if he failed, the damage will be very costly as the speed we were travelling at is about 60km/h or less.. That's enough to give much damage to the car. And if we're unlucky, maybe we will get some injuries as well... So i have to thank lord jesus christ for saving us... Halleluya!!

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