Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Raya Trip To Sematan (10.1.08)

Ally planned for a day trip to sematan few days ago (it was a last minute descision) with me, kenny, cheng and cindy and we had all the fun there. We started having fun the minute me and kenny entered ally's car lolx.. Jokes all the way to sematan.. Anyway here are some of the pix taken:

Cheng removing the wheel cab to access the pump tube thingy. The previous person who fix the wheel cab chin cahi fix 1 till ppl have to cabut the wheel cab...!!!!

Eating lunch at Ah Nian seafood which all the kanglang speak fluent mandarin and dropped a plate of rice on our table lolx... And our crab din make it to our table coz out of stock!!!

On the way home saw the orang gila's house with 3 or 4 police cars surrounding it... Maybe somehing happened...

And i got sunburn for not listening to kenny's advice to use sunblock..
And some pics from kenny:

Aiyo kenny.... "oooo"..

By the way, we went to Palm Beach Resort and play (for some who dunno what place is this)
Anyway visit Kenny's blog for more of the pictures, just click here!

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