Thursday, 24 April 2008


Just heard from my mom that her friend had a pretty bad "days" lately as she knocked Toyota Innova at her house gate column and the whole car was totaled, and she just got stroke by lightning yesterday when she reached home after sensing something was amiss as she heard dogs howling in a spooky way on broad daylight.. It was around 1200 to 1300 when she reached home.. She said the minute she drove into her property she felt something is not right. She felt strange.. She said she felt something evil is going to happen.. And when she parked her car in the car porch like usual, she heard some dogs howling and she felt spooked and strange.. So she proceed into her house and the minute she enter her house, she felt something is really wrong, like there's some presents of human in the house or something, so she did a little prayer hoping nothing bad will happen. So she took a shower and did her daily chores, about around 15 minutes later, she got stroke by lightning in her house while she was washing her hands in the kitchen... After listening to the dogs howling and banging her car on the pillar, she's lucky that nothing happened to her... And it's really kinda creepy after listening to all that, maybe some evil spirit is targeting her or something... By the way she live near matang family park and there's a stream behind her house and her house area is located in a jungle area and it's kinda less devoloped area as well..

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