Friday, 28 September 2012

HDMI vs Component Video

Here is a quick comparison on the two most popular high definition connection we get on HDTVs.. I've tested these connections on my Sharp Aquos LC-40L50M full HDTV with my Yangxi R1055 Full HD media player. I wanted to test these connections in Full HD mode but unfortunately the component connection is only able to support up to 1080i and not 1080p.. Therefore, all the pictures you are about to see are all in 1080i with 60hz refresh rate.

As you can see, the sharpness and the colour looks better on the HDMI connection. _______________________________________________________________________________________
The black level on the HDMI connection looks darker compared to component. So, if you're wondering which connection should you use, just go for HDMI if your TV has it as it is digital and it transmits audio signals as well. You also wouldn't be getting poorer quality pictures/audio via HDMI unlike Component. Because HDMI connection transmits video and audio digitally, so the quality wouldn't be affected even with cheap cables. And don't get fooled by people trying to persuade you to buy those high end HDMI cables claiming that it offer better picture quality.. That's all BS.. It's like getting an expensive CD-R, you'll still get the same audio quality as a cheap CD-R do.. But as for component video, it does make a difference if you use expensive cables because it is not digital video, it's analogue..

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carol said...

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