Monday, 7 January 2008

Thinking About What Should I Do If I'm Given A Chance To Go Back To Repeat Secondary School

Ever think of using a time machine (if there is) to turn back time so you can avoid any mistakes you made? Well i always wish i can... If I'm given a chance to go back to the past, I'll choose to go back to 2001 where i was in transition building up my Malay language before proceeding to form 1... I wish i could just work extra hard to get good results so i can be in G class and get good results all the way to form 5... Then I'll try not to quarrel with anyone, try not to make any mistakes and pass all my exams. I will try to join a lot of clubs too, such as photography club, radio club of course, choir, taekwondo, and.... err... i guess that's all i wanted to join last time... Actually i wanted to join choir and photography club since form 3, just that i don't have any friends to teman me to join it... I'm worried that I'll be lonely there like a stranger... Of course i know i can make friends there just that i was dumb and my mind were so shallow last time that's why i didn't get into those clubs i wanted to... And yet i like singing so much yet choir is the club i really wanted to join and i was so damn regret that i didn't join it.. Then i was too choosy against girls as well, i will just look at those girls which is impossible for me to chase and ignore those which is possible for me to chase.. That's why i only had a girlfriend once... And our relationship lasted for a month only... :(

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